Now more than ever, we need to rediscover our our country's history and founding principles. At Books for Patriots you will find everything you need, from the founding documents and books on our early history to essential books on economics, politics, and philosophy.

Staying Informed

It's one thing to know our history, but it's another to keep up to date on current events. It's critical to remain aware of events that are taking place today.  One way to keep up to date on current events is to read one or more of the best blogs.


Best Conservative Blogs

Michelle Malkin
La Shawn Barber
Atlas Shrugs
Big Hollywood
Hot Air
Hugh Hewitt

Best Conservative Websites

The Heritage Foundation
The Cato Institute
Media Research Center


Look Around

You should be able to find all you need to understand what makes America an exceptional country.   Questions or suggestions?  Send them to